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  • R.J Bear

    R.J Bear

    Husband, Sports fan, Exercise enthusiast, Working in delivering business change. More importantly, I’m really enjoying writing!

  • Monroe Roush

    Monroe Roush

    Imperfect environmentalist

  • C Hardin Hansen

    C Hardin Hansen

    C Hardin Hansen is a screenwriter (Pavement , HBO), a teacher and father who grew up in San Francisco but lives in exile in L.A. but he sort of likes it.

  • Kyla Pearson

    Kyla Pearson

    An Italian-Canadian Creative Entrepreneur who primarily serves as a Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Professional Writer for country music, film & TV.

  • Rheumi Jai

    Rheumi Jai

    Development Practitioner || Educator || Follow me on Twitter @RheumiJai || Connect on LinkedIn at Rheumi Jai

  • Peter Shanosky

    Peter Shanosky

    Financial risk manager with background in credit analysis, commercial lending and collateral analysis. Writing hobbyist. Personal finance, economics, business.

  • UCL Urban Laboratory

    UCL Urban Laboratory

    Crossdisciplinary centre for critical and creative urban thinking, teaching, research and practice at UCL | www.ucl.ac.uk/urban-lab

  • Jack Spenoza

    Jack Spenoza

    US Politics and International Affairs — Oxford University

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